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#8823 Styx-themed speakeasy

Posted by Boomchild on 21 August 2013 - 10:10 PM

Hopefully JY won't get wind of this, he'd sick his team of lawyers on them!

#8504 Grand Delusion

Posted by Boomchild on 21 July 2012 - 10:55 PM

Exactly this. It seems to me that Dennis had a level of humility about him in his willingness and desire to bring more focus to Tommy when he entered the band. Somehow, Tommy appears to forget this, as is evidenced by his later behaviors.

In general, I felt the book was fairly written.

I agree. Dennis never seemed to have a problem sharing the spotlight. He did the same kind of thing when Glen joined Styx for EOTC. Their was quite a bit of focus on Glen's material for that album. It also seems to me that JY never really stepped up to the plate when it came to writing after the WN albums. Just why that is can be anyone's guess. Tommy seems to forget or remember differently on quite a few things. Like if it hadn't been for Dennis giving him the green light to join Styx he may have never gotten past playing that bowling alley in Alabama.

#8434 Gowan 13 years in?

Posted by Chicago Guy on 12 June 2012 - 12:19 PM

Still to this day I just don't get the appeal of Larry Gowan? He's plays the keys alright. But his voice is one of the worst I have ever heard.....

#8406 Website fixes

Posted by Ron on 15 May 2012 - 01:34 PM

I'm sticking this in this forum just so people can see it.
I've fixed some of the known issues with the website:
  • Logging in with Facebook has been fixed
  • Website access from within Facebook has been fixed
  • Twitter integration added (not yet tested, however)
  • "Like this" button now working
  • Site now operates on a secure protocol (https). If you have trouble you may need to clear your cache or delete cookies

If anyone knows of any other issues that may not be working please let me know so I can address them.

You can also access the site using the IPS iPhone app. Get it at: http://itunes.apple....d521920635?mt=8 (I'm told an Android version is coming)

#8400 Site now using a secure protocol

Posted by Ron on 14 May 2012 - 08:29 AM

To comply with some issues with Facebook, the site has become secure. This will show as "https://" in your browser's address bar. There are still a few bugs with it but I am working them out as quickly as possible.

#8369 Dennis DeYoung on cover of Goldmine

Posted by Ron on 16 March 2012 - 07:33 PM

I think that one of the points Dennis is trying to make is that they are talented musicians. For example, Tommy Shaw's bluegrass album received rave reviews, and showcased some of his talent that he is not able to do with the current version of Styx. If you like bluegrass music, then why not enjoy Tommy's album. I don't care for bluegrass, but I will respect his talent. The music is always the important part.
(Now if I have bad feelings about Tommy because of how Dennis has been treated publicly, that is another matter)

#8922 New Splash Page

Posted by Ron on 15 September 2014 - 07:05 PM

New splash page on the website. access it just by typing ddytalk.com if you use a bookmark for this page. Includes all Amazon links for new cd/dvd/bluray.

#8806 Is this strange?

Posted by Ron on 25 July 2013 - 04:16 AM

Sandler is a big Styx fan. For awhile, every movie contained a Styx reference of some sort. I don't know them all for sure, because that would require me to actually watch one of his movies.

A good song is a good song no matter what. Also, if a musician has talent you can't ignore that talent. Criminal Mind is a good song. Tommy and JY and talented musicians. There is nothing wrong with liking that for what it is. Boomchild is correct: The diversity that made Styx what it was (and for the time it was rather unique) is now gone in the current incarnation. And the leaders of the current lineup are quite fine with that, unfortunately. But I can understand the desire to hear something other than the same 15 songs. (I normally don't comment on set lists, because I recognize that while I would like to hear "Don't Wait for Heroes" in concert, the majority of people that go see Dennis would not.)
A person's true personality is reflected in all that they do, eventually. For example, partially because of the antics that Tom Cruise has done in life, I cannot watch a movie with him in it--he takes me right out of the movie. Similarly, I have absolutely no desire to hear or see certain members of the current version of Styx perform at all, because of the comments that they have made publicly.

"Styx is the greatest rock band and only got a bad rap 'cause all critics are cynical assholes." - Julian from Big Daddy

#8715 Gowan Interview

Posted by Rubulator2k on 20 February 2013 - 03:41 PM

I think all the fans of Dennis(me included) were tough not on Larry personally, but his attempt to fill some huge shoes. I think even Christ would have got bad reviews from us <looks up waiting for the lightning>. 

Dennis has said it himself, a big part of his success as a singer is that he doesn't sound like anyone else.You can't replace a Dennis Deyoung. His unique sound and presence helped create the brand. Without his past contributions, Styx 2.0 would be irrelevant.


As much as they try to distance themselves from Dennis. By saying that they have toured more post 99 then thier heyday. I find it facinating that they would even say that since back then they were performing a new material pretty much every year. They may have performed more shows post 99, but its the same ole stuff. It's kinda like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. The alarm clock goes off but its the same song. JY and Tommy look at each other and its "I got you babe" .... less "Babe" of course....  

#8693 Thoughts on Cyclorama

Posted by B. Miller on 12 February 2013 - 09:51 PM

I know im gonna get some hate for this, but i actually liked some of Cyclorama. Some of the songs suck (heres looking at you Bourgeois Pig and Captain America). I wouldnt say this is an AMAZING album or anything, but i also dont hate it. I like some of the songs, and dislike some others, compared to other Styx albums this one gets the most 'skips' 


I love all Glens songs on here, they are the best on the album hands down, and the A Capella version of Fooling Yourself is just awesome. Yes I Can and Together are also pretty cool i think. 


Now Gowans work on here is not that great in my opinion, I love his solo works, and the stuff on here, i dont really care for. 




As for Big Bang, that wasnt too bad, ShawBlades Influence was much better, but theres some good ones on here. Considering their all popular covers, i cant really say if one sucks or not because they didnt write them anyway (I did like the hard rock take on Locomotive Breath) 


Haha, my personal favorite on this CD was Blue Collar Mad  :P i liked that blues take on it, but i can see how others would think its a waste. 



BTW Kiss your ass goodbye was not written about Dennis, im not sure if that was a discussion here, or somewhere else i saw, but it was written about someone else Glen knew. 

#8501 Lowell preview

Posted by Ron on 21 July 2012 - 08:31 PM


#8439 Gowan 13 years in?

Posted by Jasedontlie on 14 June 2012 - 05:10 PM

eh - Gowan is talented, I too enjoy his solo works. He can play the keyboard very well, and is entertaining to watch. He is also good with a crowd.
What he isn't is Dennis, and he will never be a replacement for Dennis.

#8430 Styx Cyclorama 10 Year Annivesary 2013

Posted by Boomchild on 07 June 2012 - 10:21 PM

They let the anniversary of PT go by with nothing special to celebrate their only #1 album so I doubt it. The creative force for new music from this band is dead. They can make all the excuses they want as to why they haven't released an album of new material but the only one that applies is they have no interest in it.

#8416 Place yourself in the list, If you can

Posted by Rubulator2k on 23 May 2012 - 06:24 PM

I met Dennis... and I like bacon... (bada bump)...
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#8378 GI on satellite radio and other observations/Rants... in general WTF!!

Posted by Rubulator2k on 15 April 2012 - 04:46 PM

So I'm over a friends, and GI comes on... sounds fine... song ends... the jock comes on and starts rambling about how he always perplexed about how poorly the production was on Styx material... He states that, take a song like the Grand Illusion that we just played, such a BIG song, Grand, but it sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom... ...... ...... WTF!! If he thinks he's perplexed..... I'm perplexed that he thinks that.... Perhaps someone needs a hearing exam... or better equipment...

Then another day the jock on Sirrus... talks about Guns and Roses hall of fame... she goes on a good 3 or 4 minute rant about Axl Rose and what a snot he is for not showing up and how nasty he looks these days.... WTF!!.... Can we please just spin the music and STFU....

Oh and on the STFU topic... I listen to 104.3 here in the NY market... Carol Miller, who has been a jock on Rock stations since forever... She's so into the sound of her voice these days that she keeps right on talking over the beginning of the songs... like sometimes a good 10-15 seconds... sometimes the best parts of a song are the lead ins..... just because the vocals havent started does not mean its ok to talk over it.... again... WTF!!

I'm done... carry on...
PeAcE... R2K...

#8315 Tampa 2/25/12

Posted by Ron on 26 February 2012 - 12:30 AM


#8245 Behind the Music Revisited: Styx - Review

Posted by Rubulator2k on 17 January 2012 - 01:04 AM

On the new segments TS, JY, CP, Gowan and Todd did. Plus their Manager who basically tried to just about distort every accomplishment the band has had since Dennis was booted. The best one was him discussing their Super Bowl appearances. To listen to him you would think they were the headline act at half time. I also chuckled when the example of Gowan bringing a lot to the table was him leaping off his keyboard onto the stage.

Thanks for the fill in Boom... I'm surprised they didn't take credit for the winning team winning...

Well, they could not very well mention his "singing" as bringing anything to the table.

HAAA!!! To true...

I pretty much agree with Mr.Roboto571985 in that Dennis was what made STYX great - and Tommy (although he is my idol and I love him since I am a guitar player) became a rock star by joining STYX. He might not have ever become famous. Conversely - STYX went from a good band to a GREAT band when Tommy joined.

Still - I really hope they will all get back together again once more.

I agree Rockboy. That when Tommy joined Styx it took them to the next level... and it took Tommy to that level as well... Without Styx, Dennis et al... He would most likely not enjoy the fame he has today... He bacame a brand(Tommy Shaw the musician) because of the brand Styx...

As far as them getting together again... I hope it never happens... listen to "Bourgeois Pig" on Cyclo"rama"... I simply cant see how Dennis can ever appear with them again after this clear slap at him... its one thing to say things in the press.. its another to put an insult into permanance by adding it to an album... plus the revisionist history on the website... The current Styx has sunk the brand with this behavior. I no longer respect it...

#7827 Cassette to USB recorder

Posted by Jasedontlie on 26 October 2010 - 04:02 PM

Does anyone happen to have a Cassette to USB recorder? I have one specific cassette I'd like converted to digital form (I don't even own a cassette player anymore)....and if you do - would you be willing to make a conversion for me?

If you do, and are willing to help - I'll send you my A&M cassettes of Desert Moon and Back to the World (no idea if they play ok - they did the last time I played them but that was YEARS ago before I got a CD player ;) )

I have other Non-DDY solo tapes as well if you might be interested.

I am considering purchasing one from Amazon.com -but before I did - I thought I'd ask....



#7024 Happy Birthday Robin

Posted by mendelstyx on 03 July 2009 - 10:40 AM

Happy birthday to a great lady.

Liz 41.gif

#7020 Your favorite place to eat , In your town

Posted by SweetMel on 02 July 2009 - 05:36 AM

I tried the Ethiopian Restaurant "Mesob D'Or" last weekend.
Very enjoyable! The food was great and the experience was unique & entertaining.
No utensils & one center bowl per table....how could you resist trying!

We were a group of 8 (one center bowl per group of 4).
We placed our orders, and the fun began.

As the plates arrived at our table, the waiter started putting portions of each dish into the center bowl.
It was well done, nicely divided and well presented.

My girlfriend is a vegetarian. So once everything was put in the bowl (meat dishes & vegetarian dishes), we were all making sure that the meats didn't touch the veggies.
Pretty difficult to do when there are 4 hands reaching in the same bowl.
Then there were the run-offs/juices from the saucy meat dishes! They were slowly making their way to the veggies.
She put up a barrier of chick peas to block the meat run-offs from touching the veggies. It worked for a while.......long enough for her to get her fill!

There was one dish that had an egg & a chicken leg, covered by what looked like minced meat mush.
I have to say that as bad as it looked, it actually tasted great.
My girlfriend's husband ate the chicken leg. Once eaten, he had no place to put the bone, so back in the center bowl it went.
She gave him the look of death! Poor guy, he had nowhere else to put it except the floor, or hold it with the other hand until we all finished eating.

The meat dishes were heavily spiced. The vegetarian dishes were very light and refreshing!

The 7 of us who ate the spicy dishes noticed that our fingertips smelled for a couple of days.
We couldn't get that lingering spicy scent out. Tried everything, including rubbing lemons, but it was just too strong.

I strongly suggest that you try it.....