DDY Talk has been lucky enouth to able to talk with people involved with the success of Dennis DeYoung and his career. These individuals have been gracious enough to share their stories to give a unique behind the scenes look at Dennis, or some part of the music industry. DDY Talk would like to thank these people for sharing their experiences.

Current Interview

Interview Date Description
Tom Sharpe October 2014 An in-depth interview with percussionist Tom Sharpe discussing his new release, Lifting the World, and his musical career.

Interview Archive

Interview Date Description
Dennis DeYoung February 2009 In an exclusive interview for DDY Talk, Dennis talks about the US release of One Hundred Years From Now, his songwriting, and the song "First Time".
Chris Taylor May 2005 Chris talks about how he created the "Gulf War Mix" of Show Me The Way
Chuck LofranoOctober 2007 Chuck answers various questions about the early days of Styx and other topics
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Complete Interview
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