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an explanation of some of the features found at DDY Talk and how to use them

Site Navigation

Finding your way around DDY Talk is pretty straightforward: You can use the menu on the far left of the screen, or by using the navigation bar across the top. You can also search the site using the on site search engine. Clicking on the top banner will take you to the home page. There is also a site map available to help you out.

Navigation Bar
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Menu Search
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Lyrics Page Features - Album Page

Example picture of an album page

The album pages show a detailed track listing of every song on the album. If the song is one that either Dennis DeYoung wrote or sang lead vocals on, the song title is highlighted and selecting that title will take you to the lyrics page for that song. There are also audio clips available in either Windows Media format or Real Player format. Note about audio clips:When there are different recorded versions of the same song (like studio and live recordings) the audio samples are of the version that is on the album that you are currently looking at. Also for comparison, the different versions are of the same passage of the song, so you can compare the versions (with two exceptions). Since it is important to support Dennis, there are easy links available to purchase the albums through Amazon.com or iTunes (if available). Any additional information about the album in general is also listed.

Lyrics Page Features - Lyrics Page

The lyrics pages have a lot of different items on them. Natrually the lyrics are there. On the left side of the screen, below the menu, are also links to every album the song was released on, audio samples, and a link to purchase the song from iTunes (if available).
Example picture of song information
Also, when viewing songs with long lyrical phrases in a small window or low resolution, the phrase will wrap-around to the next line, but you will still be able to see the phrase structure.
Example picture of a song phrase
If you wish to print out a copy of the lyrics, there is no need to select the lyrics and then do a Print > Selection. Just click the print button on your browser and only the lyrics will print--without the menu or other information.
Example picture of a printed lyric copy
Any additional information about the song is included as well. It could be just some general information, or an explanation about the song or just some useless trivia.
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Lyrics Page Features - Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Because of the story line involved with the Hunchback Of Notre Dame, there are two different ways that you can view the lyrics for this album: The standard way, like every other lyric page, or in a "split screen" fashion where you can follow along with the story on the top half of the screen, and the song lyrics on the bottom half of the screen. Selecting a song title in the story will make the lyrics for that song appear in the bottom half of the screen; selecting the song title in the lyric section will take you to the part of the story where that song appears. The character's parts in the lyrics are clearly defined—even when two or more people are singing at the same time.

Hunchback Of Notre Dame
standard version
Hunchback example 1
Hunchback Of Notre Dame
split screen version
Hunchback example 2
Hunchback Of Notre Dame
multiple singers
Hunchback example 3

Concert Pages

The concert pages provide an easy link to purchasing tickets, if able to online. Almost all purchase links will take you directly to the "How many tickets to you wish to buy?" page of the ticket agent website for ease of ordering.
Concert page example

For More Information

DDY Talk would like to thank you for your interest in the music and career of Dennis DeYoung. For more information or assistance, please visit the Help/FAQ page of the website, the message board, or by using our contact form.

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