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Date Version
10/20/20072.3.2 Added dynamic index to concert listing--Concert listings will now automatically be removed after the concert date. Concert information, lyrics, and Message Board forums now handled as subdomains of main website.
10/5/20072.3.1 Added interviews section; Moved current interviews to new location and set up for future interviews.
8/20072.3.0 Changed some internal fire architecture. Added page for Hunchback of Notre Dame production. Fixed problems with search engine and page formatting. More detail information added for songs and albums.
7/1/20072.2.2 Supporting artist page expanded to include additional artists.
6/20/20072.2.1 Invision Power Board upgrade to 2.3.1. New song information banner added to test on some lyric pages.
4/1/20072.2.0 Website colors modified to improve readability. Coding was modified to improve ability to make modifications and add information in the future. Invision Power Board upgraded to version 2.2.2. New downloads system added to IPB. New message board skin in use.
11/8/20062.1.5 Winner of Just Plain Folks Awards posted
10/22/2006 2.1.4 Recognition from the International Academy of the Visual Arts ( as a Silver Winner in the 2006 W3 Awards (
9/28/2006 2.1.3 Updated Celebrity Duets information. BIG error in lyrics section corrected. (Thanks to Charlie for pointing this out.)
9/16/2006 2.1.2 File downloads system upgraded CDMv2.0.2. Pages featuring Fox television series Celebrity Duets added. New RSS feed for News and Concert information created.
8/22/2006 2.1.1 Minor changes; updated concert information.
8/5/2006 2.1.0 Major redesign of message board "skin" to unify with the rest of the website. ibPro Arcade component upgraded to v3.0.0.
7/22/2006 2.0.9 Coding for Google Analytics use added. Google Sitemap created. Upgrade to IPB 2.1.7
7/8/2006 2.0.8 Updated concert information. Fixed errors in all Real Media links.
6/16/2006 2.0.7 Learn about some DDY Talk features page added. RSS feed links added to home page. Minor changes in message board guidelines. Initial set up of DDY Talk MySpace profile.
6/3/2006 2.0.6 IPB software upgraded to v2.1.6, Invision Gallery to v2.0.7 Corrected minor site errors.
4/22/2006 2.0.5 Added information about Sparky The Flying Dog. Changed spelling of "Paradise Theater" to "Paradise Theatre" on all references in print. Link locations still use "-er" spelling. Added special print CSS file for lyrics pages: All lyrics pages will now print just the song lyrics instead of the entire page, so users do not have to select lyrics and then "print selection" to just print the lyrics. State Street Sadie information has been added. Background foundation for future easter eggs programmed.
4/19/2006 2.0.4 Concert information updated. Home page updated.
4/2/2006 2.0.3 Ran link report and (hopefully) fixed remaining error 404 bad links. Added link on home page for visitors to review website and list on
3/30/2006 2.0.2 More minor link fixes. Updated home page. Added more information about band members. Added testimonials page.
3/27/2006 2.0.1 Updated all concert information pages and added new shows
Fixed broken links in complete song list page for audio clips.
Version History and tracking added, with information on site updates listed here, and content information updates listed on the news page.
3/18/2006 2.0.0 Official release of updated website. All pages significantly rewritten and modified; content remained the same. Contact page converted to online form. All message board software updated to current version (IPB 2.1.5)
9/7/2004 1.0.0 Website debut. While version 1 of the site officially had three different minor versions (1.0,1.1,1.2--mainly cosmetic) dates and history of conversions are not completely known. Different features and sections to the website were slowly added over time. The original site consisted of the message board and a few supporting pages.
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