All site pages were coded by Ron Stevens, unless otherwise indicated. All pages and CSS files (except those that are a part of IPB) are verified XHTML by W3C. The following products/services were used in the design, creation, and ongoing maintenance of the site. Web site management and design Hosting provider - VPS for Ronks Systems PHP Designer: HTML/PHP editor. Currently used to edit and maintain web pages and code. 1st Page 2000 v2.0: HTML editor. Used for site design and programming until mid-2006, when switched to PHP Designer. Invision Power Board message board software, including add-on items IP.Gallery and IP.Downloads.
  There are various other modifications for IPB that have been added as well. Links for these fine products are available on the pages that they appear. Invisionize: Completing Your Community. A resource web site for users of Invision Power Board. Some modifications for the IPB install here were found at Invisionize. Style Master: CSS Editor. The easiest way to create and manage Cascading Style Sheets for your web pages. Used until mid-2006 for site development. WS_FTP File transfer program makes uploading and downloading files quick and simple. Search Engine Builder Handles search functions for the website except for the message board. Wave Pad: Easy audio file editing. All of the sample clips onsite were created with Wave Pad. Windows Media Encoder: Produced Windows Media version of music clips Real Producer: Produced Real Media version of music clips Draw Plus: A low-cost image creation program that I have been using for years. I'm quite comfortable using it, so I have been reluctant to learn how to use more full featured and powerful programs. PhotoShop: I am slowly learning how to use this program for more advanced images. I used it to create the picture of Dennis on the home page.
Form Maker Pro Created email contact form Designed skin for IPB forum and suggested overall site look to match skin and banner. While the skin that was designed by MetalAxe for use here is no longer used as the default forum look, many of the ideas (and almost all of the images) created for that skin helped deveop this site and have been incorporated into the current skin in use. MetalAxe also created many of the additional icons used throughout the entire website.
Additional thanks: To all of the various users groups and web design sites that assisted me with creating various features on the website, and for assistance with overcoming several "problems" (including IE's incompatibility with proper CSS).
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